How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Website


Domain-selectThe First Step to Start your own website is to choose and decide the name for your website and register your website.

Deciding and picking up the right name for your blog is an essential and first way for your success. The name of your domain will be like the brand for your website.Some people don’t think about picking up the right domain name and skip this main process.

But we want you to think about the importance of the picking up the right name for your website and make a right choice. Now keeping this in your mind ,follow the tips that we are going to provide you today in this article.

What to consider while picking up the domain name?

Deciding and choosing the right name for your website is a tough task. But it will not a tough task anymore if  you consider and keep the things given below in your mind. The things that you need to consider i your mind while registering your domain name are give below:


Keywords are the main key while deciding and choosing your domain name. Picking up the good keywords in the domain name also helps in the search engine optimization(SEO) and also higher ranking in the search engine. But getting a domain name with a good keyword like “Domain.com” is a tough task in today’s world. So you have a creative mind in choosing up a good keyword for your domain as due to niche markets,the possibilities of keywords are increasing.


In picking up a good keyword for our website,we forget about our user and audience. So you have to keep in mind that your domain name should be catchy and short so that it will be easy to memorize. With this,User will not forget your website name and come back to your website again and again.

But some time domain with no relation but catchy do the best like Google.com. The word google don’t have any relation with the search engine but today it’s the one of the best search engine in the world. So it’s important to keep the branding of your website in your mind.

Lengths,Hyphens and more:

Domain name should be shorter in name as much possible because they are easy to memorize but keep branding of your website in your mind. This means that you should not choose domain like lmnbf.com which does not rellate your niche. You may use hyphens in your domain,but try to avoid it because as the domain gets bigger it’s value decreases. Try to avoid the double letters in your domain like wordpresshare.com which may confuse the user.

Domain Extension:

As we know that .com is most popular extension for the domains. But don’t think that this is the only option available. If you have an organisational blog then you may take .org as your domain extension and if you have a informational blog then you can take .info as you can take .info as extension for your domain. Believe me this will not affect your blog. But .com is most preferable domain name.

Where to register your domain name?

We are providing you the some of the most popular and reliable domain registrar:-

  1. Bigrock

  2. Godaddy

  3. Network Solutions

  4. Dotster

  5. Domain Site



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